The economic development of Europe, even more in Bulgaria needs a stable base. In a global world obstacles faced by the economies of each country are constantly increasing and the economic environment becomes more complex and complicated and exercise an increasing pressure on economic operators. The chances for economies with low added value are increasingly limited and those economies are to remain at the margins of the global society and to deprive its citizens of a decent and normal life. Investments in sectors with low productivity and added value hinder sustainable growth, and hence the continued improvement of the environment and living conditions. Compared to other EU countries, Bulgaria is seriously behind in high-technology sectors. One of the reasons for that are low investments and poor focus and attention on technology transfer and innovation. The desired level similar to that in industrialized countries can be achieved only after serious efforts in this direction, and through its policies and operational programs, the EU encourages this process.

The reasons for the creation of SINT were finally formulated after consideration of the balance of negative statistic that reflects the deplorable state of the Bulgarian economy:

  • the smallest number of patents per million inhabitants;
  • the most unfavorable cost structure for research among all EU-27;
  • very low share of high-technology exports;
  • Bulgaria ranks last in the EU and 96th position in the World Economic Forum index of innovation.