Young inventor

The foundation of sustainable development are new technologies, smart solutions and innovation. Only if we use  our resources efficiently, we can really make our life easier and better without destroying and endangering the future of coming generations and the mankind.

The development of talent has to become one of the main aspirations of our society. If we want to be among the modern and developed societies, we need to create an optimal environment that allows each young person to develop their gifts and talents. Only in this way we can ensure future generations of specialists and trained professionals who can take responsibility and contribute to sustainable development in Bulgaria.

SINT considers education and encouraging young people as one of its main tasks associated with the future capabilities of our society. We set a goal to organize events and competitions at regional and national level, to provoke the interest of young people in Bulgaria and to fascinate them with the world of science and technology. We want our society to find its talents and to provide them with enough opportunities. We want to promote the importance of the talent development and the shaping of professionals at every level by engaging all relevant groups in society such as politicians, businessmen, scientists, educators and artists.